Automatically connect with people on LinkedIn

Guillaume Odier
December 2, 2019

A quick hack for SaaS companies to easily enhance their onboarding and conversion.

Conversion in SaaS can be very tough. 

There are plenty of products out there and yet it’s still not easy to build a good onboarding.

The thing is, conversion is key and that’s often related to small improvements that move the needle and have a huge impact.

To move the needle, you need to work on experiments and quick smart hacks.

Ze Hack

At Captain Data, we’re specialized in data extraction & automation.

We’ve already written about how you can Instantly Find Out Who Your (Secret) Subscribers Are

We’ll use the same kind of mechanism, but this time to automatically connect with people on LinkedIn, with a personal email address. 

Create the workflow

First, you need to create the following LinkedIn Auto-Connect from Email workflow.

LinkedIn Auto-Connect From Email

Click on “Use This Bot”.

Use This Bot

Click on ‘Save + Configure”.

The follow the onboarding; if you need help, ping us on the chat.

Auto-Connect Setup

As for your custom message, here’s what we use at Captain Data:

Hello {{first_name}}, 

Welcome to Captain Data! So glad to have you onboard. 
It would be my pleasure to get to know you and your current challenges. 

I'd love to help if I can. You can book a call with me using the following link:


Automate it like a pro 💪

At Captain Data, we’re big big fans of Segment, as it helps us integrate pretty much anything in our marketing stack.

We use Vitally as a way to understand product usage and for our email onboarding sequences.

Vitally is directly integrated with Segment 🔥

The automation flow is the following:

  • Segment captures the “Sign Up” events from our app
  • This event is sent to Vitally, which allows us to add the lead in a “Trial” segment 
  • We then use Vitally’s integration with Zapier to receive the new lead
  • This triggers a slack message on a specific channel
  • And finally we send the email through Zapier’s Custom Request to Captain Data’s API

This is an example, you obviously might want to do things differently depending on your stack 👍

Zapier Auto-Connect Setup

The most important thing here is the last step, “Custom Request” with Zapier.

You could also trigger this HTTP request directly from your app if one of your developers is available.

The image above shows how to format the request.

You need to use a POST Method with the following URL:

The data to send:

You can find YOUR_PROJECT_ID and YOUR_API_KEY in your project settings.

YOUR_WORKFLOW_ID is referenced in the workflow’s URL like this one

The EMAIL field is the email used for signing up in your app.


Now that you have identified your leads, you could also use additional bots, like extracting data from a company, or sending a second message if the previous one has not been read: check out our LinkedIn library.