— September, 8 2020

The best data automation platform for marketing agencies

Captain Data gives you access to various data sources, complex workflows while scaling with you.

Data Automation Platform for Marketing Agencies

If you’re running a digital marketing agency, you’re faced with several common challenges, like extracting data to find qualified leads and running cold emailing campaigns.

Running campaigns for different types of clients can become quite overwhelming when you’re not using the right tools.

If you are running email and LinkedIn sequences, at some point you might also want to connect data to your clients’ CRM or to spreadsheet tools like Google Sheets or Airtable.

And if you’re still sending data by email to an Excel/CSV spreadsheet, you definitely might consider changing your process to something a little bit more automated 🙂


We’re probably the best match for any digital marketing agency because:

  • You get access to a large variety of data sources (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, TripAdvisor and many more)
  • You’ll be able to use complex automated workflows that would otherwise require an entire tech team to build
  • We’ve developed unique features to solve common issues you’re facing, like managing multiple accounts on different software platforms
  • We charge by usage, so scaling is cost-effective and predictable

Take advantage of the web

Having different types of clients also means having different sources of data. You won’t always find the data you’re looking for on LinkedIn, for example.

If you’re buying B2B databases, you’re mostly trusting your provider to do their best. You probably know it, but most of the time, they are re-using old databases or sharing ones across multiple customers.

The best of them will create powerful tools (and eventually end up as a SaaS) while the rest will mash together a few sources here and there.

In the end, you never know what you’ll get, you’re totally dependent on their data and willingness to respond quickly, and so on.

What’s beautiful about web automation is that you get exactly what you’re looking for. There’s no magic: we’re simply automating what you’d do manually.

So if you’re on the Yellow Pages, Google Maps, LinkedIn, Google, TripAdvisor, etc.,  and you’re thinking “this data would be awesome for customer XYZ but I’ll never be able to use it”, well, you’re in the right place.

Running a workflow with Captain Data is (most of the time) as basic as copy-pasting a URL and clicking a button. 

In two minutes, you can launch a workflow that would have taken you hours to do manually, if not days.

Workflows and connectors

At Captain Data, what we call a “workflow” is a set of defined tasks that will run in an automated sequence, for example:

  • Upload a list of domain names
  • Visit the websites to find social URLs
  • Enrich the initial domain name with additional data, depending on the platform from which you wish to extract data
  • Push that data into a CRM

If you can do it manually, you can automate it. 

Working with such a platform enables you to tailor the experience for each of your customers.

It also means that you can aggregate multiple sources of data together, giving you exactly what you’re looking for, with a unique edge.

I’m guessing all your customers are using a different stack: one is using Pardot, another is using a best-of-breed approach, one Hubspot…

It’s hard to cope with so many different tools. Well, it was hard, at least.

With Captain Data, there’s no limit to the number of accounts or integrations you can manage on the platform. You only pay for usage: we charge by the task.

Extracting one page on LinkedIn? One task.

Sending a connection request? One task.

You get the idea: the platform scales with you.

Native integrations

To go even further, we’ve added the possibility for your clients to setup native integrations without even having to create a Captain Data account: it’s kind of like a white label for native integrations.

Let’s say that customer A is connected to Pipedrive and customer B is using Hubspot.

You need two different workflows: one for A and one for B.

From there, you can share a setup URL that will ask each customer to set up their account by giving access to it (one click, 10-second setup).

This is incredibly powerful: it enables you to securely get access to your clients’ account, then managing it for them for a set of specific actions, like pushing data to a CRM.

And your clients can remove the integration at any moment.

Road to success

At Captain Data, we’re working on a 3-pillar approach:

  • Our integrations ecosystem (3rd party APIs)
  • Our partner ecosystem (you)
  • Our platform as a building tool

As a Captain Data partner, we want you to thrive while using the platform. We want you to be able to build upon Captain Data.

By working with us, you’ll get access to a tailored onboarding with one of our customer success managers.

You’ll also get access to our pool of automation experts, helping you set up the best workflows for different use cases and clients.

We’re working with the fastest growing companies in Europe, so you’ll be in good company.

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