— October, 31 2018

Brand Monitoring Platform

Collecting customer reviews on different platforms to strengthen a brand monitoring product.

Brand Monitoring Platform

Building a brand monitoring platform

Consumers' decision-making levers have changed, most notably with the emergence of websites allowing customers to review and rate professional establishments (i.e Google, Facebook or TripAdvisor etc.). As of today, the vast majority of consumers rely on the opinions and experiences of people who have consumed before them to make their choices.

One of our client has created a brand monitoring platform (e-reputation). It allows its customers to monitor the opinions posted on the web and take advantage of consumers' feedback to improve their reputation on the web. And ultimately, their brand image.

Our job is to extract:

  • Overall ratings
  • Customer reviews issued over time

The data extraction process is done daily by targeting our client's professional establishments partners.

Captain Data crawls automatically users' opinions on major reviews and ratings platforms to enable brand monitoring for professional institutions.

Our goal is to obtain a continuous stream of customer reviews and overall ratings for +3000 institutions.

Understanding the need

First, we specify our client's need:

  • What is the current volume of establishments to monitor, and how will it grow?
  • Determine the final business data model for a simplified data integration
  • We assess how often we need to retrieve customer reviews
  • How to integrate data with the client's software architecture
  • How to easily update the list of establishments

Feasibility study

Next, we perform a thorough analysis of the platforms on which the data are extracted. This work includes a technical study to validate that the operation is technically feasible. We also identify any challenge that'd need to be addressed, such as a high security system.

Our analysis also includes a risk analysis. Among others, we take a look at the website's terms, in relation to the typology and the nature of the extracted data. We are not lawyers, however we know the historical cases and still have an ethic. We cannot simply copy and paste a website to reproduce it entirely, for example 🙂.

This feasibility study enables us to engage in a second level of discussion with the client. Thus, we guarantee an irreproachable quality of data while acting within a well-defined global framework.

High added value for brand monitoring

The value proposition of our client highly depends on the data we collect. Indeed, Captain Data delivers reactor's fuel to power up our client's brand monitoring platform.

This project allows to:

  • Monitor professional establishments reviews and ratings
  • Get a daily update of the most recent opinions
  • Create statistical decisions
  • Store and follow ratings on a long period of time

In the end, we assist our client in collecting customer reviews on different platforms to strengthen its brand monitoring product.

In total, over 100,000 customer reviews are extracted twice on a daily basis.

Thanks to this project, our client is able to foster its technical development thanks to qualitative data on a large volume. It also benefits its commercial development by increasing the scope of its monitoring capabilities.