Instantly find out who your (secret) subscribers are 🕵️‍♂️

Guillaume Odier
April 22, 2019

A quick hack for B2B companies to know who's hiding behind

Publishing quality content and offering free resources (such as white papers) enable B2B companies to acquire leads and generate subscriptions.

One problem is that subscribers tend to leave personal email address (Gmail, Hotmail ...).

It's pretty hard to get to know them and put real context on this (unactionable) email address.

You don't know who they are, who they work for, or why they are interested in what you do.

Ze Hack

At Captain Data, we’re specialized in B2B data extraction.

And we’re particularly fond of LinkedIn.

And… LinkedIn is actually kind enough to help you finding out who is behind

Wait… what?

  1. Login to LinkedIn
  2. Prepare to be stunned by the fact that you’ve been missing out on this trick the whole time
  3. Copy-paste this URL:
  4. Oh, you are redirected to Marc’s profile!

Find LinkedIn Profile from Email

How is that even possible?

Well, everything began back when Rapportive existed. It has since been acquired by LinkedIn, see Sales Navigator for Gmail.

The only requirement for it to work is that the email you’re trying to enrich has to be linked to a LinkedIn account. That’s why it works so great for personal emails.

You don’t even need a Sales Navigator account to use this trick 😍.

However, you’ll be limited in the amount of profiles you can view per day (~100/day). And you better comply with LinkedIn’s limits, otherwise they’ll warn you, and eventually close your account if you abuse it.

With a Sales Navigator account, you can easily extract up to 1K profiles/day.

Note: If you have a Sales Navigator account, you will be redirected to the SN profile (something like

Automate it like a pro 💪

As we do get a lot of Gmail addresses, we’ve fully automated the process.

You can plug it into your onboarding process, or enrich your user/crm/newsletter base.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Login to LinkedIn
  2. Prepare a nice CSV file listing all the emails you want to enrich
  3. Sign up to Captain Data
  4. Choose the LinkedIn Email Enrich bot (or the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Email Enrich one if you have a Sales Navigator account).
  5. Follow the onboarding process
  6. Hit Launch
  7. Grab a coffee while our bots do the job

And voilà, that’s it.

For the real detectives

It takes 2 minutes to set up, and a bit longer to get the results depending on the size of your file.

Now that you have identified your leads, you could also use additional bots, like extracting data from a company or connecting a person straight away: check out our LinkedIn library.

You could even ask your developer to use our API to integrate it in your process.

Start enriching email data with Captain Data.