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Tons of startups have found out that there is an unavoidable truth when aiming a solution at big companies: the decision-making process is looooong - so long that, in worst case scenarios, it can directly lead to the death of the startup.

Founded in 2013 and established in 2015, DigitalRecruiters is a recruitment platform designed for multi-site and multi-brand international organizations. In 2015, they decided to shift their operations to B2B in order to accompany their thriving B2C solution. Although it was the best decision ever taken for the company, they needed to find a consistent way to reach leads working at big firms quickly and effectively.

Discover how they use Captain Data to build their own enriched lead database directly into their CRM and never worry about lead generation again.

The challenge

As DigitalRecruiters developed their B2B offer, they clearly saw both the benefits to be won and the pitfalls to be faced:

- On the benefits side, succeeding in B2B would mean an even more attractive solution for workers as well as more predictable and higher revenues for the company

- On the pitfalls side, as a niche product they had to hunt for the golden path that would convince decision-makers in big companies to try the product and ultimately sign the contract.

DigitalRecruiters knew that their solution, which lets large, multi-location companies decentralize their recruiting efforts, would be a hit if they could reach out to the right people. There still might be a long sales process to go through, but they were confident it would work if they nailed that first outreach step.

That’s where Captain Data comes in. From the company’s early days, DigitalRecruiters was using LinkedIn to find their sales targets, but they’d quickly found out that the information available on LinkedIn wasn’t enough.

They also needed to find data available from other sources, such as custom search via Google and business registries. Captain Data let them pull all of that data together and send the results directly into Hubspot.

Beyond finding and organizing data, DigitalRecruiters had another key concern to address. Although they were working with a relatively small sales team, they wanted to make sure that their data intelligence operation was easily scalable - meaning that it needed to be as automated as possible.

As Thomas Goirand, Marketing and Growth Manager, said,

“I wanted the machine to run 100% on its own: getting new leads on a regular basis, enriching the data, putting the leads directly into our CRM, and even automatically reaching out to our prospects. Looking at the solutions on the market, only Captain Data does all that well while also being very scalable."

A workflow at work

Digital Recruiters’ templates selection

Digital Recruiters’ #1 challenge is to generate high quality leads working at big companies. They needed to build a reliable and scalable process to find their leads with enriched information and send the results directly into their CRM.

Workflow overview

Starting from Hubspot, when a lead enters DigitalRecruiters' CRM, if the Job Title doesn't contain "HRO" or if the Job Title is empty, Make triggers a specific Captain Data workflow.

This workflow starts from a "Company + Job Role" Google Search, retrieves people data and extracts companies profiles from LinkedIn, aggregates the results and lets DigitalRecruiters find B2B emails thanks to multiple email finders. The results are pushed directly into their CRM.


DigitalRecruiters now have a scalable lead generation machine, fully automated, that fuel them fresh leads on a daily basis directly into their CRM.

The bottom line

How scalable is their current process? Thomas laughs:

“For now, we’ve literally got too many leads waiting for our sales team. Sometimes we just hit ‘pause’ on Captain Data to let us catch up. But then as soon as we decide to run it again, we’ve got as many leads as we need.”

Which is good, as they’ll soon be doubling the size of DigitalRecruiters’ sales force. With Captain Data, Thomas knows that those new recruits will hit the ground running, having all the resources they need to get their first sales victories within weeks of joining the team.

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