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Dropcontact is a best-in-class email enrichment tool with high deliverability rates.



In the past 5 years, we’ve seen a lot of new marketing tools, especially when it comes to finding emails.

The market is quite demanding, either to find fresh prospects or trying to recruit top talents, and always asking for more.

It’s not always easy to find a good email finder provider, let alone one that is GDPR compliant.

With 300+ million people with highly accurate data points, millions of jobs and companies to find & search, LinkedIn is definitely the go-to source when it comes to finding B2B data.

But it’s not like you’ll be able to use Zapier to connect your Dropcontact account with LinkedIn or its premium version, Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn is restrictive, they don’t provide an API - and I guess things won’t change seeing as Microsoft bought them out.

Some data providers have tried to offer a LinkedIn replacement, mostly by aggregating multiple sources together.

But none really compete with LinkedIn - mostly because it’s a social network, which gives them the huge advantage of keeping track with user updates.

This results in fairly fresh data, which gives you superpowers when qualifying prospects or candidates.

Hey {{first_name}}, I see you’re working at {{company}} [...] since {{years}} and I’m very impressed with {{personal touch}}”.

This is a basic example that can easily be replicated and enhanced for any messages.

You could also use such data inside your product for your onboarding to add a special touch.

Find emails with Dropcontact

Dropcontact was created in 2016. The team behind it (hello Denis 👋) has spent a lot of time building the product, to deliver best-in-class email enrichment with high deliverability rates.

Dropcontact works especially great in Europe, and more and more in the US.

They’re using different technologies, one particularly important that tests the deliverability of emails it finds across a multitude of servers.

This is a game changer because you don’t need to use a tool like Neverbounce or Zerobounce to make sure your email arrives at its destination.

Ensuring a low bounce rate, meaning less than 5%, is critical to maintaining your domain reputation to maximize your cold outreach success.

Dropcontact is only focused on data enrichment based on emails, which immediately shows up on the results. You either buy credits (API/bulk) or integrate everything within your CRM; checkout their pricing page.

You can generally expect between 30% to 60% valid emails, so roughly 50 emails for 100 profiles.

It works especially well for the recruiting industry in France, for example.

We’ve been working with Dropcontact for quite a while now, we often recommend it as a “no brainer”. Simple to use, few questions to ask. Checkout their support article for Captain Data.

Take a look at our blog to find more articles related to B2B sales sequences and more.

How to use Dropcontact and LinkedIn to find leads

This here is an example of what you need to go through manually if you want to use Dropcontact to find and enrich LinkedIn profiles:

  1. Extract a (Sales Navigator) people search: you simply extract a list of people from a set of given criteria
  2. Visit the people profile: visit and extract data from a specific profile
  3. Extract all profiles-linked companies: in order to gather a lot more information about the profile and have more context, you’d also extract the entire company, which will get you the industry, the size, its website and so-on
  4. Once the previous steps are done, you’ll need to aggregate the profiles data with the companies data to get, amongst others: first name, last name and the company name, which are the minimum required data for Dropcontact to find email addresses. The website is optional but will increase the number of emails found.
  5. Then finally you’ll be able to upload your file to Dropcontact

All in all, if you had to do this manually, you’d spend hours to find a few emails, and maybe days, or an intern (🙈), to find thousands of emails.

Fortunately for you, this process is entirely automated thanks to Captain Data: you can head over to the worklow "Automate Sales Navigator lead generation with Dropcontact" if you already have an account or directly signup :)

You basically just have to:

  1. Head over Sales Navigator
  2. Copy-paste a search URL
  3. Configure your Dropcontact integration in one click
  4. Hit launch and wait for your results 🎉

This process has shown amazing results, mostly because you can hyper-personalize each campaign.

Indeed, you know what your target is doing, in what kind of industry, in which company, how long they’ve been there, etc.

This is personalization at scale, and it works great!

This is only one example of what can be done combining the two: you could also enrich and connect a prospect on LinkedIn as soon as it enters your CRM, for example.

Or directly enrich new product signups to better qualify this MQL lead.

There’s no limit to what you can do 🔥


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