Operations teams across the web galaxy are facing new data challenges...

The time for operations heroes has come!

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Captain's Log

In a web galaxy of data not so far away… Operations people are facing everlasting data challenges.

Since no website or API is structured the same way, it creates a real challenge for ops to create, maintain and enrich databases.

As sales, marketing and growth teams are growing, the need for updated, fresh and accurate data is increasing.

Captain's Log

To solve this issue, companies hired engineers, freelancers, consultants... and tried new tools and B2B database providers.

During the first implementations, teams thought that the problem would solve itself by plugging a few spreadsheets together along with free tools, B2B data vendors and a bit of code.

However, the problem was deeper than this…

Captain's Log

It is a dark time for ops teams: as the business kept growing, teams need to catch up and started using more tools, requiring more quality B2B data to maintain their machine.

Engineers built custom workflows, maintained connectors to CRMs, outreach tools… while trying to keep data quality high, which proved to be more difficult than it seemed.

Eventually, engineering and ops had other priorities than generating or enriching leads, finding intents, scoring companies… the whole process became painful.

And an unstable system always leads to foundations collapsing…

Captain's Log

As hope began to fade, the need for operations heroes emerged and became more important than ever.

During this time of uncertainty, Captain Data was created as the ultimate data automation platform: to orchestrate data extraction and enrichment from web sources and third-party database providers, at scale, no-code required.

The platform enables teams to operate on one application, to rule them all.