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The early days of Mistertemp were like those lived at many startups: a small team experimenting and cobbling tools together in the hunt for product-market fit.

Founded in 2009, Mistertemp had one goal: adapting the temp work model for the digital age. They knew there was lots of useful information on their target audiences out there, especially on LinkedIn.

From the beginning, they started using several tools to try to access that information, but as the team grew and they needed to extract more data, juggling between different sources became too time-consuming.

Discover how they use Captain Data to reduce by 0 the time they spend on their lead generation while scaling their process to address more prospects.

The challenge

Mistertemp's main problem was that turning raw data into actionable information was a manual, time-intensive process. And as the company enhanced their solution and started to grow, the weight of managing that process became heavier and heavier.

The team was faced with a catch-22 of success: as the amount of information they needed doubled and tripled, the amount of time spent accessing it was tripling and quadrupling.

Captain Data is the all-in-one tool that took that weight off their shoulders, letting MisterTemp automate their lead generation workflow and save hours of effort. When Jean-Loup Wirotius, CMO at MisterTemp, saw how things could be streamlined, he was quick to jump on board with Captain Data.

“Other tools don’t let you manage the entire scenario, and when you don’t have that whole scenario in one place, you have to keep jumping back and forth, waiting for one part to be done before launching the next one… For a small company, that might be OK, but we needed something better. And that’s Captain Data.” 

A workflow at work

MisterTemp’s template selection

MisterTemp’s #1 challenge is to automate their lead generation. They needed a template to find and enrich an unlimited amount of leads, and send it to their CRM.

Workflow overview

Starting from a Sales Navigator Search, this workflow will retrieve people and company data, aggregate the results, lets you find B2B emails with Dropcontact and push the enriched leads directly into Salesforce.

Workflow’s results

Captain Data’s key added value for MisterTemp is the ability to have their full CRM lead gen workflow, incorporating LinkedIn and Salesforce, all in one place, enabling them to stop juggling between tools to get the data they need.

Concretely, Captain Data helps MisterTemp to find the targets that would be interested in their solution, add accurate contact information, enrich the lead with additional data, and send it to their CRM where it’s available directly to their sales team.

There’s no need for a growth manager to touch anything, let alone worry about exporting spreadsheets into Salesforce; the entire process from A (defining the information needed) to Z (having the sales team access enriched data in Salesforce) is automated within Captain Data.

“Each week we launch campaigns for 15 sales people, the results come back quickly and automatically. Doing those same campaigns by hand is really tedious, not to mention being a waste of time.”

The benefits are also seen in the numbers. Prior to using Captain Data, the lead generation process was allowing MisterTemp to access roughly 2500 leads per week. Now? 

“With Captain Data, we’re basically unlimited.”

The bottom line

The efficiency is paying off not just for MisterTemp, but also for everyone that’s using the service. As Jean-Loup noted, their larger, more effective sales team led to the company being able to coordinate jobs for 45,000 workers last year.

“Captain Data lets us have a consistent, automated volume of leads. It keeps our sales team happy, which keeps our growth manager happy.”

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