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Revenue operations software for ambitious teams

Captain Data has been designed to take control over external data, enabling you to fine-tune your go-to-market engine by integrating web data in your business tools.

You can finally automate and own the process to empower internal teams while leaving engineering out of it.


Faster Go-to-market

"We did in 6 weeks what would have normally taken 6 months with another data provider: Captain Data has outstanding expertise building and fitting business processes to scale revenue operations."


Faster go-to-market

Companies using Captain Data save weeks of engineering using pre-made automations to extract, enrich and integrate web data.


Align teams

Get data from your business teams’ favorite websites with the best in class structured data automation software.


Build scalable processes

Scale your operations with robust processes that match your company and stack.

Your new secret to nailing revenue operations

Managing operations is a nightmare without the right data and processes: Captain Data offers everything you need to scale web data operations and align teams around revenue.


Operations shouldn’t have to rely on engineering

Revenue operations teams tend to struggle with data and it gets even worse when it comes to web data: most times, engineering teams need to get involved because web data is not always clean nor well structured, and tools and APIs have their limitations.

Captain Data puts you back in charge to manage powerful workflows when it comes to extracting web data: from one single platform, pull data from 30+ sources to set up impactful workflows that will boost your revenue.

Scale fast without waiting weeks to get the data you need and avoid engineering bottlenecks or dependance.


Reliable data and processes to scale revenue

Business teams turn to Operations as they are process and data magicians. Captain Data combines this magic in one tool and enables you to create workflows that automate every part of the process that lets you deliver web data to each team.

“Captain Data is the center of our operations to scale revenue: their technology fuels everything when it comes to sourcing and enriching leads. We feed data to more than 60 sales reps worldwide without doing anything manually, and we plan on expanding our processes to Customer Success real soon.”

Basile Greiveldinger

Global Sales and Operations Manager @Agicap

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Automate an infinity of actions


Leverage structured web data from 30+ sources

B2B data providers don’t always fit your requirements, and you never know how fresh the data is. Should you need additional data that providers do not have, there’s not always an API: you need to extract it directly from the source.

Captain Data gives you a consistent way to access and enrich any web and 3rd-party data, making it accessible to all your teams.


Get accurate, unified and fresh web data

Empower revenue operations teams with the right data, at the right time, with the format they expect, in the tools they use. With easy access to web data, the following tasks become easy:

- Mapping your Total Addressable Market (TAM) using the right data source

- Enriching a specific subset of data for your next outreach campaign

- Finding and leveraging intents from the web to take personalization to the next level

- Attributing and scoring data according to what makes sense for your company


The perfect bridge between complex systems and autonomy for business teams

The only data automation platform that takes on the challenge of building ambitious and complex workflows to extract, enrich and integrate data for business users.

It's time to grow your revenue

Be a RevOps hero, take control thanks to web data and save your team hours of engineering ops


Unify your data

Captain Data integrates multiple data sources, tools, and APIs into a single, collaboration-friendly platform.





Engage prospects
Extract leads
Enrich companies



from 10% to 80%
automated sales machine
Thanks to Captain Data



from 10% to 80%
automated sales machine
Thanks to Captain Data

Integrate your existing Revenue Ops stack

The web data you need to the Revenue Operation tools you love

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