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Captain Data has been designed to give you complete control over external data, enabling you to optimize your go-to-market engine by seamlessly integrating web data into your business tools.

Automate and control all aspects of your Rev Ops
Empower internal teams with fresh data
Nail your Go-to-Market strategy

Your new secret to nailing Revenue Operations

Managing operations can be a nightmare without the right data and processes: Captain Data offers what you need to scale your web data operations and align Sales, Product or Marketing teams towards your desired revenue goals



Align teams

Get data from your team's
favourite websites

Operations should not have to rely on engineering

Revenue operations teams tend to struggle with web data. Often, engineering teams need to get involved because web data is not clean or well structured, while traditional tools and APIs have their limitations. This will change with Captain Data! 

Boost Revenue
Put Operations in charge
Multi User Access
Align teams with ease



Build scalable processes

Scale your operations with robust and complete processes that fit your company and stack

Reliable data that drives revenue

Scale fast without waiting weeks to get the data you need and avoid engineering bottlenecks or dependence.

Captain Data provides your sales ops teams with fresh and accurate data that drives growth.
Captain Data gives you and your teams a reliable way to access and utilize any web and 3rd-party data.
B2B Data Providers make it difficult to know how updated their data is. They don’t always provide an API, meaning you’d need to extract it directly from the source.
Thomas Goirand
Marketing and Growth Manager @DigitalRecruiters
“I wanted the machine to run 100% on its own: getting new leads on a regular basis, enriching the data, putting the leads directly into our CRM, and even automatically reaching out to our prospects. Looking at the solutions on the market, only Captain Data does all that well while also being very scalable."



Faster go-to-market

Save weeks of your time by using plug-and-play automations

Get unified, fresh and accurate web data

Empower revenue operations teams with the right data, at the right time, with the format they expect and integrated into the tools they use. With Captain Data, the following tasks become easy:

Mapping your Total Addressable Market (TAM) using the right data source
Enriching specific subsets of data for your next outreach campaign
Finding and leveraging web intents to take personalization to the next level
Attributing and scoring data according to what makes sense for your company
Jean-Loup Wirotius
“Each week we launch campaigns for 15 sales people, the results come back quickly and automatically. Doing those same campaigns by hand is really tedious, not to mention being a waste of time.”

Seamless integration

Automatically integrate web data into your favorite tools so internal teams always have accurate information at their fingertips.

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