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Looking for the best alternative to Texau? Discover Captain Data.

Chain automations in a single workflow, connect multiple native integrations like CRMs, email & marketing tools and get access to our pool of data automation experts.

Data automation should not be hard to setup

Texau has a steep learning curve, its UX can quickly become overwhelming. Workflows need complex manual setup. Teams get stuck scaling processes.

...so we made it easy to configure & scale for everyone

As a Texau competitor, our workflows are easy to configure with how-to guides. Captain Data connects directly to your stack. This way you can grow better, faster.

Captain Data vs Texau

Automate more with the best
Texau Alternative

Easy to use for sales & marketing teams.


Captain Data is designed for non-techs. You don't need to understand how it works: just feel the magic as it happens.

Our workflows are built in and ready to go.
Our interface is neat and clear, with how-to guides for each automations.

You can do as many things as generating leads on autopilot, scoring them as they enter your sales pipeline, or automating your recruitment processes

Captain Data Better Workflows
Captain Data Integrations


Captain Data enables you to connect your data to any SaaS: push data to CRMs and spreadsheets like Google Sheets or even Airtable.

You can use multiple accounts without any limits, and even invite external users to configure accounts without having to sign up to Captain Data.

If you're an agency or a fast growing company, you're going to love our account management system!

Scheduling & API logic

Scheduling & API

Captain Data's scheduling system enables you to precisely configure a workflow's behavior.

It is possible to set maximum inputs as well as splitting execution to stay within limits.

Our API is very straightforward to use: it's compatible out-of-the-box with Zapier, Integromat or any other tool.

Captain Data has been built for non-coders. You don't need to understand how it works: just feel the magic as it happens.

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