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Leverage our Hubspot integration to cut down on the tedious job of typing data into your HubSpot CRM by hand. With Captain Data, you can set up automatic schedules to pull in new information or update existing data, and then send it straight to your HubSpot CRM. This keeps your list of companies, contacts, and everything else fresh and accurate, or lets you add a brand-new set of data to your CRM without any hassle.

Automate Your Marketing and Sales Processes in Just a Few Easy Steps:

  1. Choose the HubSpot Application: Start by selecting HubSpot from Captain Data’s list of integrations.
  2. Utilize Workflow Automation: Pick from our ready-to-use automations or customize your own to fit your specific needs.
  3. Quickly Connect Your HubSpot Account: Use our secure authentication process to link your HubSpot account without needing extensive technical knowledge.
  4. Configure Your Workflow and Launch: Set up your data extraction, enrichment, and synchronization to your CRM. Schedule and automate these workflows to run at your convenience.
  5. You're All Set!

What Are the Benefits of Using This Integration?

Maximize Your Lead Generation: 

Automate the identification and capture of leads with enriched data, including email addresses, company information, and more, directly into HubSpot.

  • Automate Lead Generation: Directly integrate enriched data such as email addresses and company information into HubSpot, automating the process to ensure a steady influx of qualified leads into your sales funnel.
  • ICP Identification: With Captain Data, you can automate the identification and scraping of leads using criteria that match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), directly feeding this information into HubSpot. This process not only generates a high-quality lead list but also enriches each lead with valuable data, enabling more effective segmentation and targeting in your marketing efforts.
  • Lead Scoring: Captain Data’s integration allows for dynamic lead scoring within HubSpot, utilizing enriched data to score leads based on their likelihood to convert. This ensures that your sales team focuses their efforts on the most promising prospects, increasing efficiency and the probability of conversion.

Improve Your Marketing Strategies: 

Utilize enriched data to segment your audience precisely, craft personalized outreach campaigns, and enhance your content marketing strategy.

  • Segment Your Audience: Benefit from the real-time data enrichment capabilities of Captain Data integrated with HubSpot for dynamic audience segmentation, enabling personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Refine Marketing Campaigns: Enrich your CRM database on HubSpot with leads’ information extracted from multiple sources (LinkedIn, Google etc.) such as the lead's company, the industry they work in, company size, and their interests. Use this enriched data to customize your messaging in your outreach campaign, it will drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

Scale Your Revenue Growth: 

Empower your sales and marketing teams with comprehensive and enriched data, automating the lead nurturing process to close deals faster and more efficiently.

  • Empower Sales with Enriched Data: Provide your sales team with enriched data within HubSpot, enabling tailored outreach and strategies that directly contribute to closing deals faster and scaling revenue.
  • Boost Efficiency and Productivity: Leverage automation for data entry, enrichment, and synchronization within HubSpot, freeing your teams from manual tasks and focusing on revenue-generating activities.

Improve Your Customer Retention and Satisfaction: 

Utilize enriched customer insights to drive personalized engagement and support strategies, improving satisfaction and loyalty for higher retention rates.

  • Drive Personalized Engagement: Utilize enriched insights in HubSpot to develop personalized engagement and support strategies, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty for better retention rates.
  • Improve Customer Support: Leverage Captain Data to aggregate customer reviews from various platforms, enabling a more effective monitoring system. This allows for quicker response times to customer inquiries and support needs, significantly improving the customer service experience.

Reduce Manual Workloads: 

Reduce manual tasks and minimize human error in data management, leading to significant time savings and increased reliability of CRM data.

  • Minimize Manual Efforts: Automate data collection, enrichment, and entry with Captain Data’s integration, significantly reducing manual workloads and enhancing the accuracy and reliability of your HubSpot CRM data.
  • Eliminate Data Handling Errors: Ensure your HubSpot CRM data is consistently accurate, up-to-date, and reliable, minimizing human error. As an example, BPS World, a recruitment outsourcing company, achieved 99% data accuracy in finding email addresses that were directly pushed into their CRM. This was achieved by using Captain Data automation along with HubSpot and LinkedIn integration.

How Does Captain Data Stand Out with HubSpot?

Advanced Automation and CRM Enrichment Capabilities

  • Seamless Data Integration: Captain Data's integration with HubSpot automates the flow of data between systems, ensuring that your CRM is always enriched with the latest information. This includes automatic updates of contact details, company information, and interaction histories without manual input, significantly reducing the potential for data entry errors and ensuring your team has access to the most current data.
  • Data Enrichment: Beyond basic contact information, Captain Data enhances HubSpot CRM entries with deep data enrichment. This includes demographic details, behavioral insights, and social media activities, providing a 360-degree view of leads and customers. This enriched data allows for more personalized marketing and sales strategies, directly within HubSpot.
  • Waterfall Enrichment: Thanks to our waterfall enrichment feature, find the best data for your CRM database by covering multiple data providers at the same time when running the extraction of data such as emails or phone numbers. 

Tailored Automation Workflows

  • Custom Workflow Creation: Captain Data offers the flexibility to create custom workflows tailored to your specific business needs, integrating seamlessly with HubSpot. Whether it's lead generation, customer engagement, or data management, you can design and automate processes that align with your goals, all while leveraging HubSpot’s CRM framework.
  • Pre-built Workflow Templates: For businesses seeking quick implementation, Captain Data provides pre-built workflow templates that are easily customizable within HubSpot. These templates cover a wide range of common business processes, enabling you to automate tasks such as lead scoring, email marketing campaigns, and customer follow-ups with minimal setup time.

Why is Captain Data's HubSpot Integration More Advanced?

Captain Data enhances your HubSpot experience by delivering an unmatched level of automation and data enrichment. 

Unlike other tools that are limited to data scraping, we provide a comprehensive solution that includes the extraction and enrichment of data from live sources across multiple providers, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Google, through our Waterfall Enrichment feature. 

This ensures comprehensive coverage when creating or enriching databases with information like emails, phone numbers, and more. Moreover, with Captain Data’s HubSpot CRM Integration, you can seamlessly push the extracted and enriched data directly into your CRM.

Captain Data provides a solution that covers complete data extraction, enrichment, and integration, along with outreach and the creation of automated personalized workflows. 

Our workflow automation ensures that your HubSpot CRM transforms from a mere database into a dynamic tool that actively drives your business’s growth.

To provide perspective, let's compare Captain Data with what we believe are the top three tools in this domain, focusing on what we consider essential features for this integration:

Captain Data stands out with its advanced HubSpot automation and integration features, surpassing the basic integration capabilities found in other tools.

Unlike other tools that offer HubSpot integration, Captain Data's key features include:

  • Over 40 integrations, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, to extract reliable data such as verified phone numbers, email addresses, and more.
  • Account rotation and smart account limits to prevent bans when extracting data from social media platforms like LinkedIn.
  • An advanced workflow that allows you to choose whether to automatically push your data into your HubSpot CRM.
  • Waterfall Enrichment to enhance your database by utilizing multiple data providers.

Selecting the appropriate tool depends on your specific needs. If you require the extraction of rapid and non source-based data extraction, tools such as Lusha,, or Zoominfo might be more appropriate. However, for those aiming to enrich their HubSpot CRM on full auto-pilot with various integrations and data flow automations, Captain Data's advanced features make it the premier choice.

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