Generate More Leads at Scale with Captain Data's Extraction Software

Seamlessly navigate the web's massive unstructured data, and capture the leads that will drive your business forward. Enhance your sales pipeline by extracting high-quality leads from platforms like LinkedIn and automate your data extraction process for actionable insights. Harness the power and simplicity of Captain Data's extraction software to:

Boost sales with automated lead generation
Simplify in-depth market analysis with data gathered from various web sources
Funnel extracted data into your CRM seamlessly

Boost your performance through data extraction

It’s time to transform the way that your sales, marketing, and revenue operations teams gather and harness web data. Captain Data allows you to extract the right data from anywhere on the web with no limitations.



Extensive Lead Database

Effortlessly Create Rich Lead and Company Databases

Empower your Lead Database

Transform the task of uncovering potential leads from time-consuming to time-saving with Captain Data.

Our platform enhances your sales team's ability to efficiently find key decision-makers and prospects. Build extensive databases, rich with essential details about leads. This becomes a fundamental tool in your sales arsenal, effortlessly capturing names, emails, and roles of prospective clients.

With Captain Data, access a variety of email finders to accurately locate lead emails and extract critical data from any web source such as LinkedIn, Google, and much more.

Automate discovery, freeing your team to focus on what they do best: closing
Target high-value leads to boost sales
Provide reliable lead lists for consistent growth
Quickly identify and connect with decision-makers
Scale database growth with your business



Real-time data

Maximize Data Reliability and Coverage

Empower your internal teams with reliable data

Captain Data excels in providing fresh, source-based data extraction, ensuring you have the most accurate and precise understanding of your leads.

Prevent funnel decay
Extract real-time data directly from its source
Provides your sales operation teams with fresh and accurate data with intents that drives growth
Empower your revenue operations with unified, fresh, and accurate revenue data at the right time and in the expected format
Access a wide range of sources such as google maps, linkedin, sales navigator, indeed and more
Avoid putting your social accounts at risk thanks Captain Data’ smart limits system
Ensures your database remains clean with updated data at all times
Arnaud, Growth manager at Scaleab
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Arnaud Renoux
Growth Manager @TheScalelab
“With Captain Data, we can have an enrichment waterfall. There are a lot of tools that will enrich data, but having to work through 4 or 5 of them is a waste of time for a sales team. Captain Data can automate that, having the data flow through multiple sources to make sure that what comes out in the end is really high-quality. It’s a huge timesaver.”



In-depth insights

Unlock Deeper Data Insights with Captain Data

Build a database with advanced insights from your extracted leads

Data isn’t just about quantity; it's about the clarity and depth of insights it can provide. With Captain Data, dive deeper into customer behavior and preferences, and make decisions based on up-to-date, relevant information.

Gain key insights from your extracted leads such as their email, phone number, and more
Keep your sales operations and strategies aligned with current market dynamics by keeping your database fresh with the most recent and relevant information
Advanced insights: job changes, find companies that recruit etc.

💡If you want to learn more about how Captain Data can maximize data insights about your leads, take a look at our playbook:
Identify, enrich & outreach website visitors



Automatic Extraction

Automate Your End-to-End Sales Funnel

Keep your B2B database accurate over time with automatic extraction

Embrace the power of automation with Captain Data and turn the tide on manual data entry challenges. Our data extraction software can fully streamline your end-to-end sales funnel, freeing up your team to focus on core activities like analysis and strategy development.

Extract automatically and target prospective leads lists
Automate the generation of a large number of qualified leads
Keep your lead activation strategies ahead of the curve with a continuously updated, real-time database
Operate on one application, reduce your need to switch between different interfaces
Uncover new business opportunities from champions moving from a company to another or other weak signals



Data extraction software

Scale Your Data Extraction Process with Captain Data’s Seamless Integration

Extract qualified leads at scale with robust API, connectors and workflow automation

Empower your existing data extraction process with Captain Data’s robust ETL connectors and API. Seamlessly integrate our solution into your current data extraction process to fully automate and scale every aspect of your revenue operations funnel

Automate your data extraction process with scheduled workflows: choose the frequency, timezone and country for your runs
Scale your funnel by consolidating your data extracted in your data warehouses, lakes and databases using our Airbyte connector
Captain data's API capabilities can manage large volumes of data and complex data extraction tasks, making it easier to scale up operations as your business expands

Seamless Integration

Automatically integrate web data into your favorite tools so internal teams always have accurate information at their fingertips.

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