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Learn how our GDPR-aligned platform sources accurate data and sets limits on your automations, ensuring your accounts aren't penalized for using a third-party application. Keep your data safe and tackle your projects with peace of mind.

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We keep your data secure,
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Data collection

Where do we source data?

Collect B2B data from publicly available web sources, securely.

Our platform is designed to ensure that the data you extract is sourced from trustworthy public sources.

Native Integration with Trusted Third-Party Data Providers: Captain Data is natively integrated with over 30+ B2B data providers, like Google, LinkedIn, and ZoomInfo.This means that you can rest assured that the data you are extracting is coming from reliable sources.
Customizable Data Extraction Rules:
You can customize your data extraction rules to ensure that only the data that is relevant to your business is collected. Stay in control over your data processes, at all times.
Reduced Risk of Misleading or Inaccurate Data:
By avoiding unreliable or questionable sources, CaptainData helps minimize the risk of sourcing misleading or inaccurate data that clogs your CRM and slows you down.



Test and learn, fast

Get the data that'll let your sales team win more deals.

Trusted data, straight from the source.

Unlike many data providers, Captain Data works in real time. That means we collect information from the original source, when you want it.

We collect data directly from the requested source, which means we don't rely on pre-built databases.
Our data comes to you formatted and fully standardized, regardless its source, giving you consistent data structure and quality by design.
Our platform provides live and on-demand data, allowing you to capture the latest and freshest business insights.



Data protection

How do we keep your accounts safe?

Automate safely with Captain Data's Smart Account Limits.

When syncing any of your accounts (LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), Captain Data's platform automatically applies daily limits to ensure your account isn't flagged or penalized for using third-party applications.

No more manual tracking
Personalized limits
Automate without interruption



Data compliance

Is Captain Data GDPR compliant?

Data privacy and security are our #1 priority.

As a data processor, all of the data sourced on Captain Data's platform comes from third-party applications. We work hard to ensure that every native available integration is GDPR compliant, so no matter what service you're using to find high quality prospects or enrich your external CRM, you're doing it securely and legally.

Data Transparency: Captain Data is committed to providing full transparency regarding the handling of data on our platform. For more information our data practices, please see our Privacy Policy and our Data Processing Agreement.



Data scraping

Is web data extraction legal?

Extract the data you need, safely.

Captain Data understands the importance of data security and is committed to providing a safe and secure platform for web scraping. We believe that web scraping can be a legitimate and valuable business tool when done correctly.

We ensure to have an ethical approach of web data extraction, as we respect any website limits and we are not retrieving an agressive volume of data.
When using Captain Data, you act as the data controller and Captain Data acts as the data processor, providing a powerful and efficient data scraping tool to build your own database.
Our platform is designed with security in mind, with features such as secure data storage, encryption, and user authentication.

Seamless Integration

Automatically integrate web data into your favorite tools so internal teams always have accurate information at their fingertips.

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