Grow and enhance your leads database with our data enrichment software

Key insights about your target prospects exist all over the web. But if you’re unable to capture and use the right data, you’re missing out on valuable leads. Harness the power and simplicity of Captain Data's software for data enrichment to:

Discover the full potential of your prospects
Gain more context for your sales deals
Construct a pipeline of ultra-qualified leads

Boost your data performance through database enrichment

It’s time to transform the way that your sales, marketing, and revenue operations teams gather and harness web data. Captain Data allows you to enhance your databases from a diverse array of web sources easily.



Limitless coverage

Design B2B databases with enriched data from multiple providers for complete coverage

Ramp up your prospecting

Reading your customers' minds may seem like magic — but it all comes down to high-quality data and the business decisions you make around it.
Present the right offer at the right time to the right person consistently and watch your ROI skyrocket!

With Captain Data’s real-time, automated workflows, you can build and develop a robust leads database in seconds. Use third-parties data providers to get detailed and accurate customer information that transforms into high-quality leads and conversion rates.

Identify real-time buying's intent
Reach the right decision makers
Boost your sales conversions



In-depth insights

Get the most advanced insights on the market

Empower your internal teams with real-time data

With Captain Data's enrichment tool, collect the information you need to fill the gaps in your lead databases down to the details, and engage with the most qualified prospect to improve conversion rates.

Prevent funnel decay
Optimize your data fields
Gain fresh new insights
Arnaud, Growth manager at Scaleab
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Arnaud Renoux
Growth Manager @TheScalelab
“With Captain Data, we can have an enrichment waterfall. There are a lot of tools that will enrich data, but having to work through 4 or 5 of them is a waste of time for a sales team. Captain Data can automate that, having the data flow through multiple sources to make sure that what comes out in the end is really high-quality. It’s a huge timesaver.”



Power-up profits

Discover customer details that help you push revenue to higher heights

Build a high-performing and structured sales pipeline

Automatically extract, enrich, and centralize unified data in one place, while ensuring the results are pushed in your business tools without any disruption.

Seamless integration with your stack
Unified and structured data
Automated data collection



Data enrichment software

We help you enhance your data

Keep your B2B database accurate over time with automatic enrichment

Your CRM needs constant updating. Eliminate outdated data automatically and empower your sales and marketing team with the freshest information available. With Captain Data steering your spaceship, you'll be able to:

Integrate API access to any websites
Unify data from a range of vendors
Process and organize diverse raw data into relevant and usable formats
Rely on real-time automation for the newest data available
Automate the collection process even as you scale sources, internal applications, and end users

Seamless Integration

Automatically integrate web data into your favorite tools so internal teams always have accurate information at their fingertips.

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