Data automation software for ambitious ops teams

Captain Data is a no-code platform that extracts, aggregates, and integrates data. Scale your sales and ops workflows while spending up to 90% less time managing automations.

Grow your business with web data automation

Without effective automations, you can’t extract, enhance, or control your data properly — and your teams fall behind as a result.


Data Extraction

Create databases of leads and companies from 30+ sources like LinkedIn, Google, Indeed, and even your CRM.

Find companies that recruit
Track job switches
Find people from domains
Graphic explaining how you can integrate your Ideal Customer Profile into the Captain Data machine

Data Enrichment

Enrich your databases with web data across 200+ data points and third-party data providers.

Enrich domain names
Enrich company names
Enhance profiles with email
A graphic of how you could categorize leads and accounts in Captain Data

Workflow Automation

Hundreds of ready-made automations so you don’t have to build them: no more maintenance or engineering headaches.

Push leads to CRM
Push leads to campaigns
Push leads to spreadsheets
A visual representation of a Captain Data workflow
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Helping your busiest
ops teams grow

Captain Data drives measurable growth in productivity, with reliable automations that improve your lead quality.

Francois De Froment
Head of Growth @Agicap
“I needed to onboard 30 salespeople while keeping lead quality high. Thanks to Captain Data, 80% of our prospection is now automated.”
Arnaud Renoux
SalesOps @TheScalelab
"10 minutes after I’ve launched my workflow in Captain Data, I’ve got 1000 enriched leads that let me go directly into the outreach portion of our job. That gives you lots of headspace for creativity, because all the manual work is completely taken care of."
Alexandre Bejaoui
RevOps @FrenchFounders
“We did in 6 weeks what would have normally taken 6 months with another data provider: Captain Data has outstanding expertise building and fitting business processes to scale revenue operations.”
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The most advanced data automation platform

Captain Data is the go-to data automation platform for generating a predictable sales pipeline at scale with the best data quality on the market.

Take your data automation to the next level

On average, this is what our customers see

more sales
Basile automated 100% of Agicap's lead sourcing with Captain Data
Basile Greiveldinger, Global Sales and Operations Manager at Agicap
Logo of Agicap
more leads in 1/3 of the time
Arnaud generates 1000 enriched leads in 10 minutes for their clients at The Scalelab with Captain Data
The Scalelab and Captain Data
Scaleab logo
faster launches & time to market
Alexandre built FrenchFounders's go-to-market in 6 weeks with Captain Data
FrenchFounders and Captain Data
French Founders logo

Create and enrich your leads database

Extracting web data at scale doesn't have to be costly and complicated. Let your automations do the hard work for you.


Unify your data

Captain Data integrates multiple data sources, tools, and APIs into a single, all-in-one platform.



home process source icon


sheets icon


API icon with a gearwheel
Graphic of two strands coming togethergraphic of two strands
icons of Google, Linkedin and Indeed
two icons next to each other, coins and sheets icons
three icons next to each other
Turquoise icons of Salesforce and Hubspot
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two icons in turquoise color
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Engage prospects
Extract leads
Enrich companies
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Logo of CRM provider Salesforce


Logo of company Outreach
Logo of fintech company Agicap
from 10% to 80%
automated sales machine
Thanks to Captain Data


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airtable icon
from 10% to 80%
automated sales machine
Thanks to Captain Data

Take a closer look

See why 1,000+ businesses rely on Captain Data everyday to automate and manage their data workflows.

visual representation of a flow in Captain Data
Automations Library
Workflows and automations that extract and streamline, unify and optimize data from multiple sources, with little or no assistance from developers.
Screenshot of the Captain Data Workfow "Find Sales Navigator People's Profiels from a company domain name"
Use Cases
Browse our most popular use cases helping 1000+ businesses to extract, enrich and push data to their favorite applications.

Seamless Integration

Automatically integrate web data into your favorite tools so internal teams always have accurate information at their fingertips.

A wide array of company logos including Facebook, Linkedin, Shopify, Slack, Lemlist, Indeed, Linkedin, Google, Amazon, Trustpilot and more
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Ready to help your team scale
their operations?

We cover the entire value chain from data extraction, enrichment, to integration in your stack.

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