Master Sales Operations: Get the data that will help you win more deals

With Captain Data, maximize sales efficiency as you automate the entire process of searching, compiling, and accessing updated information about companies and leads.

Get the data you need to close more deals
Save your sales reps valuable time
Generate qualified leads at scale

Your new secret to nailing Sales Operations

Give your sales team the web data that allows them to best understand customers and business prospects. Captain Data gives you an up-to-date, repeatable, and scalable sales engine to close more deals.



Automate and save hours of effort

Build and enrich lead databases using the sources you need

Drive Sales productivity

Captain Data helps you build a consistent and automated sales engine, tailored to your needs. Extract, enrich and structure the web data you need to win sales!

Reclaim up to 20% of the time you spend selling
Get all of the fresh and relevant information you need to draw meaningful insights
Automate your lead generation to maximize the productivity of your sales team and close more deals
Arnaud, Growth manager at ScaleabScaleab logo
Arnaud Renoux
Growth Manager @The Scalelab
“We need enriched data every day. That means 7 or 8 people are using Captain Data on a daily basis, and there really aren’t other solutions that work well as you scale up.”



Exceed your goals

Get the data that will let you win more deals

Send your conversion rate to outer space

Enrich your sales leads with the information that will help your sales reps conduct successful outbound campaigns instead of just spraying-and-praying.

Streamline your Outbound campaigns
Help your sales reps convert leads into paying customers and increase revenue
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Basile Greiveldinger
Global Sales and Operations Manager
“Once you’ve got more than 5 salespeople, doing things by hand just doesn’t work anymore. That’s when we started using Captain Data, to have the right leads from places like Sales Navigator, to be able to actually have our sales teams doing what they do best.”



Focus on growth

Build automated, scalable processes that grow alongside your sales team

Support your company's growth strategy

Without a strong foundation, a structure will eventually collapse. Throw away the duct tape and scale with a reliable growth process that will not disappoint in generating high-quality leads.

Build reliable processes that support your organization’s sales and growth strategy
Captain Data provides your sales ops teams with fresh and accurate data that drives growth
Build reliable workflows that pull web data from all sources you need: LinkedIn, Google, Crunchbase, Indeed, and many more.



Clean Data = Healthy CRM

Keep your database clean with updated data at all times

Wake up to fresh and accurate data every day

We make sure your records are always up-to-date, unified, and complete. Give your sales team the highest level of information and watch them shatter performance goals thanks to superb sales enablement.

Keep your lead records up-to-date at all times
Provide your sales team with high quality information
Help your Sales Ops team master sales enablement

Seamless Integration

Automatically integrate web data into your favorite tools so internal teams always have accurate information at their fingertips.

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