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Get the web data that’ll help your sales team close deals

Going to LinkedIn and other web data sources to get relevant data is helpful, but it takes away valuable selling time.

With Captain Data, maximize sales productivity as you automate the entire process of searching, compiling and accessing fresh information about companies and leads. Your sales ops team won’t have to spend another minute of their time tracking it down.


Automated Lead Gen

Get the data that'll let you win more deals


Save hours of effort

Build and enrich lead databases using the sources you want.


Blow past your numbers

Get the data that'll let you win more deals.


Focus on growth

Build automated, scalable processes that grow alongside your sales team.

Your new secret to nailing Sales Ops

Give your sales team the web data that lets them understand customers and prospects better. Captain Data gives you an up-to-date, repeatable, and scalable sales engine to close more deals.

Drive your Sales Ops productivity with Captain Data and build an automated sales engine


Drive Sales productivity

Sales teams spend up to 20% of their time hunting for leads.

Yet, they don’t get all of the fresh and relevant information they need to draw meaningful insights because the process of sourcing web data on a daily basis is tedious and too manual.

With Captain Data, build a consistent and automated sales engine that will extract, enrich and structure the web data your sales team needs to maximize productivity and close more deals.


Build reliable processes that’ll support your growth

Without a strong foundation, the structure will eventually collapse. Throw away the duct tape and scale up with rock-solid processes that will never let your sales team down when it’s time to generate high quality leads.

“Once you've got more than 5 salespeople, doing things manually just doesn't cut it anymore. So we used Captain Data to build an API-based bot that cuts our lead generation time to essentially zero while boosting our response rate to over 20%.”

Basile Greiveldinger

Global Sales & Operations Manager

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Send your conversion rate into outer space

Enrich your leads with the data that will let your salespeople conduct successful outbound campaigns instead of just spraying-and-praying.

“With Captain Data, we can have an enrichment waterfall. There are a lot of tools that will enrich data, but having to work through 4 or 5 of them is a waste of time for a sales team. Captain Data can automate that, having the data flow through multiple sources to make sure that what comes out in the end is really high-quality. It’s a huge timesaver.”

Arnaud Renoux

Growth Manager

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Don’t settle
for a 3%
reply rate


Every day, wake up to accurate, fresh data

Existing B2B databases providers are handy if you don't know what you're looking for. But if you know your target audience, you know where to find the right data to boost your growth.

Build reliable workflows that pull web data from the sources you need without limits: LinkedIn, Google, Crunchbase, Indeed, and many more.


Clean data = Healthy CRM

Keeping your database clean with fresh data at all times requires constant efforts and extra work from you or your sales team.

Let Captain Data do the job for you and make sure your records are always up-to-date, unified, and complete to give your sales team the highest level of relevance and details.

Ready to win more deals?

Book a personalized demo to discover how Captain Data can help you build an automated sales machine, get a pipeline full of qualified leads and win more deals.


Unify your data

Captain Data integrates multiple data sources, tools, and APIs into a single, collaboration-friendly platform.





Engage prospects
Extract leads
Enrich companies



from 10% to 80%
automated sales machine
Thanks to Captain Data



from 10% to 80%
automated sales machine
Thanks to Captain Data

Integrate your existing Sales Ops stack

The web data you need from the Sales tools you love: Lemlist, Make, LinkedIn…

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