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In the tech world, every founder knows that there’s a general sequence to success: you start with a niche, create a product that people love, grow to serve other segments, and then try to hold everything together if scale turns your company into a real rocket ship.

Founded in 2020, Scalability, a Growth Agency, is on a mission to help startups nail their niche and accelerate their growth. How? By having their own niche: automated outbound messaging.

Founder Benjamin Donteville decided that trying to compete as a full-blown “growth agency” (and thus having to promise a variety of growth tactics, from SEO and SEA to inbound/outbound efforts and much more) wasn’t the way to go.

Instead, he focused on a high value-added activity - effective outbound messaging - where ROI can be maximized through automation.

“For our clients, it’s like having someone on the inside concentrating on outbound, but without needing to pay for both a salary and then our full outbound stack - which includes Captain Data - that we use to deliver great results.”

The challenge

Whether it’s to quickly test new outbound ideas or put in place a long-term outbound strategy, Scalability emphasizes their ability to automate as many tasks as possible, freeing both themselves and their clients to put more time into honing strategy, understanding results, and boosting revenues.

Benjamin started using Captain Data like many people: after using PhantomBuster in the early days of his business, he needed to find a better tool as he won more clients. He first changed to Captain Data to have a more robust data automation tool, and then quickly began to explore some of the more technical possibilities that come with Captain Data.

“I needed to save time with my data warehouse and automate as much as possible. At the beginning, we were mostly just using Captain Data’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool, but then I started adding more accounts, since the cookie management is super easy. And then I got into building our own API capabilities within Captain, which lets me have continually updated data delivered exactly where I need it.”

For Scalability, Captain Data brings the ideal blend of no-code (such as ready-to-deploy templates for various sources of web data) and low-code elements (including the ability to build custom API calls and sequenced data enrichment).

“I’m not a coding expert, but I do know how to build an app. Then everyone at Scalability is able to work with SQL, JS, and we’ve also got a dev team that we can bring in for more technical work. But the reality is that we can do the vast majority of our work with Captain Data ourselves, either with tools we already master or with a quick bit of learning.”

Zoom on Scalability's automated data management process

Scalability uses snowflake as their data warehouse.

Leads are entering the database through two possible ways:

1. Captain Data: Scalability extract the data they need from the web sources they want with our workflow « Find companies from Sales Navigator Search »

2. Salesforce: leads enter their CRM from internal sources like inbound forms, chat, sales manual entry…

Once the leads are extracted from Captain Data, they will be added to Snowflake thanks to our webhook. For the leads coming from Salesforce, they will be added to Snowflake thanks to a reverse ETL (Hightouch).

Both people and company information are treated: if a mandatory field in the lead’s page is missing, it will be pushed into one of Captain Data’s enrichment workflows thanks to n8n.

When the lead’s page is entirely filled, it will be pushed back into Snowflake, and will be added to Salesforce thanks to the reverse ETL.

With this data management process, Scalability saves up to 20 hours a month and is able to automate their outbound strategy and send highly personalized cold emails.

The bottom line

In less than 2 years, Scalability has used these data automation powers to grow into serving 40+ clients, all while making sure that their team is able to spend virtually all of their time on the fun part of the job: working directly with clients on their targets, crafting effective outbound messaging, and booking calls that give salespeople a high likelihood of success. 

“We’re very ROI-oriented: it’s all about how many leads have been generated, how many leads converted into calls, and how much did that cost. We want to make sure those efforts are fully automated and profitable for the client. Captain Data helps us get there.”

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