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Find local companies

Finding quality leads within a specific geographic area can be a challenge. With Captain Data, you can easily create a database of business contacts based on geographical search criteria from Google Maps or Yellow Pages. Provide your sales team with a steady stream of leads by automatically enriching them with real-time data from multiple sources such as the company website, LinkedIn, or Sales Navigator.

Automate your search for high-quality prospects
Find the right companies within a specific geographic area
Get a list of companies enriched with emails, website and social media information
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Find company leads: Fully automated‍

We helped Agicap automate their lead generation process, reducing the time for manual lead sourcing to zero. Hear the full story from Basile Greiveldinger, Global Sales and Ops Manager @Agicap

Basile Greiveldinger,
Head of Sales and Growth @Agicap
“Sales reps spend 20% of their time sourcing leads, 0% with Captain Data: they focus on selling.”

How it works



Getting Started

Begin with a list of company names

You have a list of company contacts in your CRM that need to be enriched with relevant information.
You bought a list of leads from a tool or service like Builtwith, Wappalyzer or Hunter
You have collected a list of contacts with their company information as a result of an inbound campaign, for example from a webinar registration.



Captain Data's Automation

What we automate for you

Our no-code platform takes your names and completes the following tasks, either as a one-time operation or on a recurring basis, while keeping your account secure with our Smart Account Limits:

Search selected websites for company profiles: Based on the list of domains and names you provided, Captain Data searches Linkedin, (etc) to match these names to their corresponding profiles
Extract company information: The platform then automatically extracts information from the company profile, giving you valuable insights such as location, industry, size, and more.
Unify formatting for export: Finally, the platform takes the insights it captures, and formats and standardizes them into a scalable spreadsheet that you can easily export and use to update your records.




What you can expect to receive

Once complete, you can:

Share an enriched and up-to-date list of companies with your team for data-driven decision making.
Scale your operations and streamline data management as your pipeline grows.
Enhance your existing lists with more detailed and current information.
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