Extract LinkedIn Company Employees

Extract employees list from a specific LinkedIn company profile.


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Use cases involving this automation


Extract a list of all the employees of a specific LinkedIn Company page. This way you can identify qualified leads, prospects, or talents in a company.

This ready-to-use automation by Captain Data, helps you extract and enrich all the employees of a LinkedIn company page to generate new leads or talents. Users can then immediately act on this lead data for outreach, CRM integration, or downloading it as a CSV file.

This LinkedIn automation tool enables you to:

  • Automatically scrape employees' profiles from a specific company
  • Automate the process to scrape thousands of employees from different companies through scheduled and repeated automation
  • Enhance your LinkedIn lead generation or recruitment strategies by exporting a database of LinkedIn company page employees to a CSV file or directly into your CRM
  • Enrich these employees' profiles with additional information such as their email addresses, phone numbers, and more
  • Connect with leads or talents by sending connection requests and messages
  • Add these profiles to your outreach campaign

How does this LinkedIn automation work?

This LinkedIn automation will automatically scrape all the valuable information from the profiles who are employees of a LinkedIn company page in just four steps. All you need to do is provide the LinkedIn company page URLs or IDs, and the LinkedIn scraper will extract all the employees with useful information regarding their profiles.

How to Leverage LinkedIn Company Employees?

Captain Data is not only great for scraping! By scraping LinkedIn company’s employees' profiles, you can identify prospective leads or talents and engage them with tailored marketing messages, thus expanding your business reach on LinkedIn. This automation is super useful for sales and recruiters.

Get qualified and actionable leads

Identify potential leads by extracting a list of employees from targeted companies who meet specific criteria. This approach enables you to directly connect with decision-makers or find someone within the organization who can introduce you to these key contacts. This method is highly effective for converting leads into customers, especially if they have a demonstrated need for your product or services.

Enrich your leads' data

Enriching the company’s employees' data involves extracting more details about each one from what's available on their LinkedIn profiles. The enriched data you acquire through this automation includes, for example, their LinkedIn Profile URL, their name, and LinkedIn description. However, this initial set of information might not be sufficient for launching your outreach campaigns. If you're interested in enriching these leads with data across different sources, or if you're aiming to extract their email addresses for an email outreach campaign, you can easily add additional tasks and integrations to this automation such as the email waterfall feature or use the output as the input for a new automation workflow.

Connect and message

If you think that employees of some LinkedIn companies should be interested in what you have to say, extract them, then add them to your network automatically with our LinkedIn Auto-Connect and Message LinkedIn Profile automation to connect with the sourced leads and initiate a relationship to begin lead nurturing. This automation allows you to customize your message for each lead automatically and schedule this task to repeat as often as needed at your convenience. 

Start your email campaign in auto-pilot

You can use the output you got from this automation to reach out to these active leads directly through email by adding them automatically to your outreach campaign database. We make this process easy thanks to our pre-built automation and integrations to Lemlist, Reply.io, Apollo, and LaGrowthMachine.

Send leads to your CRM

Captain Data connects with your CRM so that you can easily and automatically send the cleaned and enriched leads database directly into your CRM.

Download your leads as a CSV file

Captain Data allows you to download your leads as a CSV file at any stage so that you can save it as a backup, or plug it into any other tool that can take a CSV as input. You can also open the CSV in Excel or Google Sheets to clean or analyze your leads as you wish!

Why use this LinkedIn automation tool with Captain Data rather than other scraping solutions?

Captain Data's automation for scraping LinkedIn company employees includes notable advanced features compared to other LinkedIn Scraper tools, such as:

  • Ready-to-use workflow & easy configuration setup.
  • Account rotation to surpass daily limits, ensuring uninterrupted workflow execution.
  • Smart account limits that prevent shadow-banning.
  • Schedule and repeat options for automated task execution.
  • Data enrichment and CRM output integration through connections to various additional integrations, including CRM, Email Waterfall, Make, and more.

Now, let's take a comparative look at Captain Data and what we consider to be the top 2 LinkedIn Scraper tools to extract employees' profiles from a LinkedIn company page:

It surpasses other similar LinkedIn scraping tools and automations by enabling complete data extraction, enrichment, and integration. Once highly qualified leads have been identified, extracted, and enriched, you can pull the data directly into your CRM or Google Spreadsheet. If you're aiming to fully automate your LinkedIn lead generation, enhance your marketing efforts, or scale your operational processes, this LinkedIn scraping automation and its advanced features make it the top choice.

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