Turn growth experiments into a powerful lead generation machine

Running growth experiments to discover the best buying intents for your sales team is a massive amount of work, especially if done by hand. With Captain Data, ditch the manual work:

Run unlimited experiments on auto-pilot
Maximize sales & marketing efforts
Generate qualified leads at scale
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Your new secret to driving Growth Operations

Turn messy guesswork into strategic and scalable experiments. Captain Data helps you build, iterate and execute meaningful campaigns to generate more ICP leads and grow faster.



Generate more leads, in less time

Identify your buyers' intent signals and turn raw data into winnable deals.

Build an automated sales pipeline

No more juggling between tools, prospecting by hand, or cleaning data by yourself - Captain Data brings everything together in one single platform to help you hit your numbers with the web data you need.

Regain up to 20% of your sales rep time
Automate your lead generation process
Turn missed opportunities into won deals
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Arnaud Renoux
Growth Manager @TheScalelab
“10 minutes after I’ve launched my workflow in Captain Data, I’ve got 1000 enriched leads that let me go directly into the outreach portion of our job. That gives you lots of headspace for creativity, because all the manual work is completely taken care of.”



Test and learn, fast

Ditch the manual work, focus on adding value and boost your growth

End your spreadsheet nightmare

Captain Data centralizes your data operation, letting you scale end-to-end processes without any manual tasks.

No more back and forth between tools and spreadsheets
Push results directly into Lemlist, Zapier, Salesforce, and more...
Send the right leads to the right sales ops instantly
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Jean-Loup Wirotius
Chief Marketing & Growth Officer @Mistertemp
“Other B2B data extraction tools don’t let you manage the entire scenario: when you don’t have that whole scenario in one place, you have to keep jumping back and forth, waiting for one part to be done, before launching the next one… For a small company, that might be OK, but we needed something that really scaled. And that’s Captain Data.”



Build scalable procesesses

Automate successful growth experiments with just a few clicks

Drive efficient growth

Build an automated lead generation engine to crunch numbers and maximize results.

Creativity is your rocket fuel
Leave the competition behind
Keep it simple
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Seamless Integration

Automatically integrate web data into your favorite tools so internal teams always have accurate information at their fingertips.

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