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Captain Data manages your most ambitious sales & marketing workflows by extracting, enriching and automating data from 30+ sources on the web.

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The ultimate automation tool for ambitious teams

Are your tools preventing you from scaling your sales & marketing ops, creating silos?

Constant juggle

Juggling between data, tools and spreadsheets

Crafty workflows

Spending time crafting crappy workflows that don't scale

Endless reconnections

Reconnecting your social media accounts all day long

Neverending silos

Creating silos between sales & marketing teams


Easily extract structured data from +30 sources like LinkedIn, Twitter or Google Maps.


Automatically enrich, filter and aggregate your data with 3rd-party providers.


Seamlessly integrate everything inside your work tools: spreadsheets, CRMs, outreach tools...

If we’re gonna do it, let’s go big.

The automation platform that doesn't let your marketing, sales and operations teams down when you need to scale your most advanced sales & marketing workflows.

Sources for Captain Data, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter

+ 30 sources
to extract data from

Get the right data

LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Trust Pilot, Yellow Pages, and more… Extract data from anywhere with no limitations. If an app is missing, we’ll add it for you.

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average response rate

Enjoy our reactive support

Our support is managed by professional engineers with deep lead generation knowledge. They can help you fix any automation issue in minutes.

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automation templates

No-code workflows

You want to discover new use cases for your lead generation? Get inspired from a selection of templates ready to setup in less than 2 minutes.

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Step 1

Choose the apps
to include in your workflow

Choose a single app for simple automation or pick multiple apps for more complex workflows.
Our apps include:

Social medias


Outreach tools

Data enrichment providers

Step 2

Pick the workflow that fits your use case

Choose from hundreds of automations. From simple automations to advanced workflows that include multiple applications, Captain Data got you covered.

Need more flexibility?
You can use our API to integrate Captain Data in your own
stack or other automation tools.

Step 3

Setup your automation in a few seconds without any code

Tired of ugly interfaces that are difficult to use? You’ll love Captain Data with its beautiful interface that allows even non-tech people to use it without any issue.

Schedule workflows repeatedly or launch manually

Easy to use for non-tech people with how-to guides

Connect your applications accounts in one click

Step 4

Launch your workflow and never worry about it again

Captain Data complies with application limits, whether it's the number of actions you can run on your social media account or API rate limiting. That way, your automations always work like a charm and you don’t have to worry about it again.

Frictionless integration setup

Magic link to synchronize an account

Simple account management system

Data enrichment providers

Use Cases

Discover our templates

Pick your use case and browse a selection of templates

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Unleash automation’s full power

Are your tools preventing you from scaling your sales & marketing ops, creating silos?

Frictionless integration icon

Frictionless integration

Leverage our account management system to add any account on Captain Data with just one click. No need for credentials or signup, just share a Magic Link and it’s done.

Are you a marketing agency?

Marketing agencies love this feature because it allows you to synchronize all your customer accounts on the same Captain Data account.

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World-class API

Sick of timeouts? Process breaking all day? Meet Captain Data webhooks and its world-class API. Easily integrate with Zapier, Integromat, N8N and more… Captain Data can fit with any marketing or sales stack.

Need more control or deeper integration?

Our API enables you to schedule workflows, create and update accounts and get data as it flows. Easily integrate it in a few minutes!

World-class workflows for ambitious teams

Checkout our customers success stories!


per week

"Our Sales Ops are responsible for data quality and spend one third of their time cleaning, enriching and importing leads to salesforce. Captain Data automated 95% of this whole process allowing them to focus on value added rather than tedious tasks."

Florent Rambaud

Chief of Staff @Toucan Toco


in data entry

"Our 10 sales used to source data on Sales Navigator and import each profil manually to Salesforce with lots of data-entry errors. Thanks to Captain Data, the marketing team can scale salesforce imports for Sales with 0% errors in the data."

Anouck Thommeret

Lead Manager @Opendatasoft


saved per year

"Automating our ABM (account-based marketing) process was impossible with existing tools. Now that we use Captain Data, we've automated everything from search a company to send an email to the right decision maker."

Wladimir Delcross

Head of Growth @CodinGame

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