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One of the benefits of being a large company is that everyone on the outside assumes that you have a streamlined set of processes that makes everything run smoothly. And while there’s some truth to that - after all, no one gets to a Series C round on luck -, there are also many tasks that companies don’t truly master internally.

For some of those tasks, specialized agencies are a lifesaver, supporting the business as it scales.

Founded in 2020, The Scalelab, a lead generation agency, helps companies find customers with outbound marketing campaigns, creating the best first impression and leveling up their sales performance. The Scalelab serves companies ranging from pre-seed to Series D, including several that have raised nine-figure rounds.

Discover how they use Captain Data to generate, enrich and organize the data they need to run successful personalized LinkedIn outreaches and cold emailing campaigns for their clients.

The Challenges

For The Scalelab to be successful (which means that their clients are seeing success in their outbound messaging), there are two key components: data and copywriting. The first is critical for having the right way to contact targets, while the second is critical for generating positive responses.

Despite the large range of fundraising numbers, The Scalelab’s clients have one thing in common: having found product-market fit, they have a well-defined sales strategy and clear targets for outbound sales efforts.

Thus The Scalelab has all the information they need on their clients’ targets to build a lead list using Captain Data in less than 10 minutes. They can spend more time focusing on engaging prospects in effective outbound marketing campaigns.

“With an Ideal Customer Profile, our clients know the industry, geography, company size, employee profile they’re looking for. Using Captain Data to set up a LinkedIn Sales Navigator workflow is the easy, efficient way to get the results they need in a clean format,” says Arnaud Renoux, Growth Manager at The Scalelab.

With Captain Data, The Scalelab’s squad of outbound experts now boosts sales at companies ranging all the way up to Series D

“With Captain Data, we can have an enrichment waterfall. There are a lot of tools that will enrich data, but having to work through 4 or 5 of them is a waste of time for a sales team. Captain Data can automate that, having the data flow through multiple sources to make sure that what comes out in the end is really high-quality. It’s a huge timesaver.”

A workflow at work

The Scalelab's template selection

The Scalelab's #1 challenge is to generate quality leads with accurate data for their clients.

They needed a template to build Enriched Lead Lists including company information and verified emails.

Workflow overview

Starting from a personalized Sales Navigator Search, this workflow will retrieve people data and extract companies profiles from LinkedIn, aggregate the results and lets you find B2B emails thanks to multiple email finders.

Workflow Results

In 5 minutes, The Scalelab was able to generate 1000 enriched leads, ready to be adressed in an outbound marketing campaign.

The next level

Arnaud appreciates how Captain Data has been able to grow with his team. He notes that, in contrast with other solutions that work so long as you only need to extract one list of data that is then used for weeks before needing to generate another list, Captain Data keeps his multi-person team supplied with fresh leads on a rolling, practically 24-hour basis.

“We need enriched data every day. That means 7 or 8 people are using Captain Data on a daily basis, and there really aren’t other solutions that work well as you scale up.”

Lately, Arnaud has also been experimenting with Captain Data’s robust Workflow Editor, bringing together various data sources and editing together a multi-step workflow that perfectly fits their clients’ needs.

“Being able to create our own custom workflows is super interesting. It brings freedom and creativity to lead generation. You’re the one designing how to have data from point A all the way to point Z, mapping out how to get there… That opens up lots of possibilities.”

The bottom line

For The Scalelab’s clients, the ultimate goal is having fresh sales leads that convert, while knowing that everything in the process is above board and legal, a feature ensured by Captain Data’s transparent platform. And for The Scalelab itself, the goal is to keep bringing new clients on board and quickly converting their targeted needs into effective cold messaging sales results.

“10 minutes after I’ve launched my workflow in Captain Data, I’ve got 1000 enriched leads that let me go directly into the outreach portion of our job. That gives you lots of headspace for creativity, because all the manual work is completely taken care of.”

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