Captain Data's Integration
with Make

Put your growth strategies and business processes on autopilot with Make and Captain Data
Ditch the manual work and build reliable and scalable processes that you can control from end-to-end using fresh web data
Generate qualified leads at scale
Automated sales engine with Make

Get the web data you want,
integrate it to the tools you love

Remove unnecessary and time consuming steps from your day-to-day processes. With Make and Captain Data, bring your best experiments to life without worrying about workflow maintenance and scale your data operations.



Save Time

Save hours of time spent on spreadsheets

Connect Make + Captain Data to manage your data cleansing process without efforts.

Avoid cleaning and filtering your spreadsheets to get the desired list to fit into your business tools perfectly
Remove the busy work of sheet management to focus your time on value added-tasks
Stop adding extra steps to your data management
Connect Make and Captain Data



Win More Pipeline

Build processes beyond your imagination

Stay in the driver seat and pilot your data processes to match your business needs.

Get the web data that’ll help you scale your process and boost your business growth
Integrate your results to any of your business tools seamlessly
Streamline your processes with full control
Data automation with Make



Scale Up

Hack your growth

Stop deprioritizing your best ideas because of the scope of work needed behind the scenes.

Test more easily with limitless workflow possibilities
Scale your best experiments and put them on auto-pilot
Avoid complex coding by being able to debug any workflow with just a few clicks
Make workflow with Captain Data

Make and Captain Data Use Cases

Discover how to step up your growth strategies and your business processes

Companies reveal

Reach out to the right decision makers of the companies that are viewing your company website automatically

Profile visits

Automate outreach to people that view your LinkedIn profile to convert viewers to customers

Building a database

Create your prospect portfolio according the the exact standards your team needs

Inbound enrichment

Shorten your forms and improve conversion by automatically filling in the blanks of whats not being asked

Qualification & routing

Leverage web data to ensure the right reps are working the right leads

And many more

- Update your CRM on a monthly basis
- Identify people that just join a company
- Identify who’s switching job

Seamless Integration

Automatically integrate web data into your favorite tools so internal teams always have accurate information at their fingertips.

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