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Extract LinkedIn post likers and commenters

February 26, 2024
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Selling is becoming increasingly personal. Buyers share what they use and need, interacting on social media with posts about struggles, successes, and new ideas… and you can leverage that.

Reacting to your leads’ content is one thing but how do you identify them? How can you find meaningful posts relating to the problem you’re trying to solve? How can you engage with the people who liked or commented on the posts? How can we automate this? 

Once you've gone through this playbook and used our recommended LinkedIn scraper tool along with our best practices, extracting LinkedIn post likers and commenters who align with your ICP will be a breeze.

Effective Tips to Identify Key LinkedIn Posts for Enhanced Engagement

The most personalized approach would be to watch out for posts from your buyers and interact with them. This is best done by reaching out manually to the person and reacting to the post: do you agree? Disagree? What would you add? How can you help? 

This applies to posts from your buyers, influencers in the field, competitors, … and even to your own posts!

However, manually identifying these would entail long hours of scrolling on Linkedin.
Thankfully, there are several options to identify relevant posts:

  • You can activate the bell next to someone’s LinkedIn profile to get notified when they post on LinkedIn.
  • You can use LinkedIn search with filters like date posted, industry, following status, and keywords in the poster’s job title.
  • If you have LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can also use the recent updates filter “posted on Linkedin” on a Lead search, refined with ICP and BP filters, which can be effective, excluding those already interacted with.

Extract and enrich post likers and commenters in 3 clicks thanks to our LinkedIn scraping tool

The most used workflow is scraping LinkedIn to find emails from post likers. The other workflow would be to Find commenters with emails from a LinkedIn post, but often, people who commented also reacted to the post.

These workflows allow you to scrape LinkedIn emails. They will start from a given post and give you all of the information on both the lead and its company, including their email.

The only thing you will have to do to successfully scrape LinkedIn emails from post likers and commenters is to:

  • Add the post’s LinkedIn URL
  • Configure your account and tools to determine which LinkedIn accounts will be used - skip this step thanks to the account rotation - and which integrations you’ll use within your email cascade.

And Voilà! Running our LinkedIn Post Likers and Commenters automation is simple and effortless.

How to Target Only the Most Relevant Contacts for Your Business?

Upon extracting LinkedIn post likers and commenters to a spreadsheet, filtering becomes crucial (we recommend a CRM check). Exclude existing customers or those in the sales cycle. Some individuals or companies might not match your buyer persona or ideal customer profile.

We recommend a filter for irrelevant people and a CRM check.

The filter can be done easily on Make or any other automation tool. In Captain Data's LinkedIn email scraper workflow, you can use filters to effortlessly extract LinkedIn post likers and commenters that match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Here, we established a boolean that was a concatenation of all of the job titles targeted.

For example, if my boolean is “Sales Director” OR “Head of Sales” OR “VP of Sales” and the job title for this lead is Account Executive, the lead won’t go to the next step. However, if the lead’s title is VP of Sales, the lead will go through.

For the CRM check part, the logic is quite simple: check if you have an existing deal with this company and filter out the post-likers and commenters who have open or won deals. 

In our case, we like to re-engage deals that are lost in addition to the actions that we’re doing on the side.


In an evolving sales landscape favoring personalized approaches, leveraging social media engagement is paramount. This playbook offers a comprehensive guide to not only react but also identify, engage, and efficiently automate the process to boost your LinkedIn lead generation

With workflows that require only a LinkedIn post URL and minimal configuration, you can obtain valuable information about leads and their companies, streamlining your outreach efforts on relevant people only.

Driving results is not just about reacting, but proactively shaping your sales approach in the era of personalized selling.

Let’s chat!

Guillaume Odier
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