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Leverage LinkedIn Job Search for intent based prospecting

April 19, 2024
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On any LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search, you can see within the spotlight section that the company is hiring on LinkedIn. However, this does not tell you what they’re hiring for, and if you’re not a recruitment agency this information can be of limited interest.

In this playbook, we’ll explore how to detect the job offers they’re hiring for on LinkedIn and how to find and reach out to hiring managers.

How to leverage companies that recruit on LinkedIn?

Lead generation

Companies that recruit on LinkedIn can be a great intent for lead generation. The different job offers are a signal that there is a need for a specific set of skills. Hence, if your product can answer this need or at least help out this recruit, you can find and reach out to the hiring manager.

For example, at Captain Data we believe that BDRs shouldn’t be spending their days building up account and lead lists and that we can help them focus on what matters. Therefore, a new job offer for a BDR is a good signal that the company might need a solution like Captain Data and we can reach out to hiring managers.


To leverage companies that recruit on LinkedIn, you can also use an Account-Based Marketing approach. Indeed, the heart of the signal is the job offer on a specific title or keyword. From that job information, you see the company recruiting and can do a first scoring based on your ideal customer profile. Then, you can find your buyer persona from these ICP-fit companies. 

Competitor Analysis and Strategic Partnership

Other ways to use the job offer intent on LinkedIn are to analyze what your competitors are doing or to build strategic partnerships. 

To do this, you can easily set up job searches based on the companies you want to monitor and get notified when you have new results coming in. You can just start from an empty job search and then build it by adding the company names in the company dropdown and any other relevant filter. The “Set alert” toggle will notify you of new job openings for your filters.

The challenges for finding and converting companies that recruit into prospects without a data automation platform

The main challenge here is the collection of data. Just above we were talking about having saved LinkedIn job searches and setting alerts to see the new job changes. Without a data automation platform, you can either wait for this information and reach out to the job poster directly on LinkedIn or build a spreadsheet to gather the data. Several issues are nested in this one.

First, you’ll notice that companies usually repost the job offer more than once so it creates duplicates. Then, you’ll want to have a quick look at the company to ensure it fits your ideal customer profile. Since LinkedIn Sales Navigator account filters are limited to geography and industry in job searches, this will require extra time in most cases.

Moreover, you’ll have the information on who posted the offer in 60% of the cases. Plus, you will most likely want to reach out to the hiring manager, the one with the issue - and budget. Finding their information can be time-consuming, and you’d be betting on the fact that accept your invitation. Tough follow-up. Messy reporting on whether the approach actually works.

You might want to use other data sources than LinkedIn. Not all companies post on LinkedIn, you may want to have job offers from websites such as Google Jobs and Indeed. How do you make sure to deduplicate the offers, score the companies, and reach out to the right contacts all in one seamless process? With an automation platform.

How Captain Data can help?

Captain Data can help you automate your process to identify job offers, extracting and enriching the associated company and profile data to ensure you’re talking with people who are relevant to you.

Find & enrich companies that recruit

Building your search

First, you’ll need to do some research to identify job offers that are relevant to your business. To help you refine your search, you can base yourself on LinkedIn’s job filters based on:

  • The jobsome text
    • Keywords, in our case we used “outbound”)
    • Job title
    • Job type (full-time, apprenticeship…)
    • Level of experience needed
    • Function (sales, marketing...)
    • Remote, on-site, or hybrid
    • Location, which can be different from the company’s main location
    • Whether it’s an easy apply
  • The company hiringsome text
    • the company name e.g. if you really want to join Google or if you’re watching out for your competitors/partners like we saw earlier
    • Industry
    • Commitments e.g. for social impact or work-life balance

Something that we recommend since we’re automating the data extraction process is to use the “sort by” and “date posted” filters. With the setup below, the idea is to launch a job each day and to get only the postings from the last 24 hours. I could also run the job weekly and filter by the jobs posted in the past week.

The workflow

To find and enrich companies that recruit you can use Captain Data’s workflow Find & enrich companies that recruit from a LinkedIn job search.

Launch the workflow in 3 clicks:

  1. Copy and paste your job search URL or upload your CSV
  1. Check your maximum number of results
  1. Name your workflow and click on launch!

N.B. with the Account rotation feature enables you don’t need to select accounts anymore, they will be automatically optimized to make sure you have actionable results as soon as possible!

Find other contacts

Whether or not you reach out to the job posters, it might be good to reach out to the hiring manager! In this case, we recommend you create a workflow to search employees with email from the Linkedin company ID that you gathered in the first workflow.

You can easily automate the step in between with Make for example to automatically get results from the first job, add ICP filters in the middle, and then find the right contacts with the second workflow.

Automating Outreach and connection requests

Once you have the profiles of the contacts you want to target in these companies recruiting for a specific job title, you can automate your outreach.

With Captain Data, you have access to the Outreach automation on LinkedIn workflow to automatically connect and send messages to the contacts you found in the previous steps.

Build an up-to-date database for your CRM

As you enrich companies and contacts from the job offers, you can push this information directly back to your CRM. To do so, you can add a step at the end of your workflow to update or create companies and create contacts.

Real-world Applications and Success Stories

Staffdomain generates more than 400 leads per day by leveraging companies that recruit and reaching out to the hiring managers.

As Justin Pavsic, the CEO, says:
Our lead generation team has gone down by 75% but we’ve increased our output by 1000%. So even though I have fewer people working on lead gen now, it’s like I hired 10 more. With Captain Data we are just pumping results out, and most days I have to turn it off because our SDRs can’t get through them all.”

Not only have they x5 their number of SQL, they have also been able to improve their conversion rates x3 through their entire funnel.

You can find the full story here.


Intent data is a must, especially as more and more people are doing outbound, and far from the majority is actually worth responding to. By tapping into recruitment signals for specific job titles and reaching out to the buyer persona associated, you’re adding a new level of personalization to your outreach. With all the information Captain Data gives you on the job, company, and contact, you can make sure what you say is relevant to this specific person, and have everything in a seamless automated process!

Furthermore, we focused on LinkedIn in this article but you can do the same thing with Indeed and Google jobs to maximize the coverage. To do so, we built a special process for our customers, please reach out to if you want us to send it your way!

Guillaume Odier
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