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"Automating our ABM (account-based marketing) process was impossible with existing tools. Now that we use Captain Data, we've automated everything from search a company to send an email to the right decision maker."

Wladimir Delcross

Head of Growth @CodinGame

Codingame team member


hours saved
per week

"Our Sales Ops are responsible for data quality and spend one third of their time cleaning, enriching and importing leads to Salesforce. Captain Data automated 95% of this whole process allowing them to focus on value added rather than tedious tasks."

Florent Rambaud

Chief of Staff @Toucan Toco

Toucan Toco Team Members


in data entry

"Our 10 sales used to source data on Sales Navigator and import each profil manually to Salesforce with lots of data-entry errors. Thanks to Captain Data, the marketing team can scale Salesforce imports for Sales with 0% errors in the data."

Anouck Thommeret

Lead Manager @Opendatasoft

Opendatasoft team members

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